Sunday, May 12, 2013

She wore a yellow ribbon

Around her hair she wore a yellow ribbon
She wore it in the springtime
In the merry month of May
And if you ask her why the heck she wore it
She wore it for her soldier who was far far away... 
This US military marching song gave name to the film She wore a yellow ribbon, a 1949 Western directed by John Ford and starring John Wayne.

Frederic Remington Arizona cow-boy

Though the film isn't my favourite there are several reasons to watch it :

- Its cinematography. The film was one of the most expensive Westerns made up to that time and won Oscar for Best Color Cinematography. Monument Valley looks gorgeous. There is an exceptional scene of the valley with the thunderstorm in the background!

- Ben Johnson as Sergeant Tyree. Just watch him ride a horse and listen to his voice! For me he is the best character in the film too.

- Every scene with McLaglen (even in the background) is worth seeing.

There is a very funny joke at the beginning of the film which makes JM laugh no matter how many times he hears it :

Top Sergeant Quincannon: Now men, I want youse all to pay attention to what I got to say. We'll have women going with us on this trip, so I want you to watch them words. Watch them words!
Trooper: Watch them grammar!
Top Sergeant Quincannon: Who said that?
[walks up and down ranks]...

This film is a tribute to American spirit and glory.

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