Thursday, May 2, 2013

How Green was My Valley

After a series of Hitchcock's films I'm discovering John Ford's masterpieces. His name's been always associated with the Westerns for me but apparently he mastered more than one genre.

How green was my valley (1941) is a drama telling the story of the Morgan family in a little Welsh mining community at the turn of the twentieth century.

Some facts about the movie:

- It's based on a best-selling 1939 novel by Richard Llewellyn.
- It beat out Citizen Kane for Best Picture of 1941.
- Fox wanted to shoot the film in Wales but World War II made it impossible. Instead John Ford built a replica of a mining city in the Southern California.
- The cast had only one Welsh actor in a minor role who was originally hired to coach actors in the Welsh accents (Rhys Williams as a boxer).

It's hard for me to judge acting or cinematography. What I can say is I enjoyed every minute of the film and particularly loved father's character and male Welsh choruses.

I found the language charming but knowledgeable people on IMDb (at least they sound so :-) insist on the cast's bad attempt at Welsh accent.

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