Monday, February 25, 2013

Зимняя колыбельная история

Today is February 25th, Monday and this is the first time (and the last, I guess) it's snowed this winter. Well, my husband will object.. The first time it really snowed. The first couple times it was even hard to decipher whether it was rain or snow. The third one was snow on the way to school and half an hour later it turned to rain. So you see, what I mean..

This is what Toulouse looked liked from our window this morning.

To make the most of the short-lived snow, we quickly put on our warmest clothes and rushed outside. I was a bit puzzled that there was just us on the playground, however. Probably, people have left on holiday.. Probably Toulousains don't care about snow.. Anyways, we enjoyed ourselves a lot.

And here are two snowmen: in paper and in snow. Both are our most recent creations.

At the end we got all wet and tired and I got all angry and nasty :-(

 Дэниел-Дэнни, и папа, и кошка
катались на санках
по снежным дорожкам.
вошли они в дом,
их бабушка Мэгги узнала с трудом...

Вадим Левин

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